UCO – Community Outreach

UCO Vision Statement
It is the vision of UCO to eradicate social ills affecting our community. To go to the uttermost parts of CT to minister to those in need. As we walk by faith and not by sight, we will be able to reach those in treatment centers, emergency shelters, hospitals, prisons, street corners and anywhere people in need are.

UCO Mission Statement
Uttermost Community Outreach is a coalition of denominationally and culturally diverse “faith based” organizations. We are dedicated to providing men, women, and children which have been affected by substance abuse, homelessness, mental illness unemployment and other co-occuring conditions, the help they need to overcome their current situation. It is the mission of UCO to minister to all souls regardless of their belief or lack of belief. By providing transitional services utilizing a faith based approach, we will greatly reduce relapse and recidivism.

UCO Statement of Commitment
The member organization of UCO are committed to working with each other regardless of personal beliefs. We believe that our cultural and denominational diversity places us in a unique position to reach people from all walks of life. We seek to serve a CT community that is equally diverse both spiritually and culturally. Having the mindset that we must reach the lost at any cost, we are willing and eager to minister at anytime or any place. It is important that we minister to the temporal as well as the spiritual needs of those whom we wish to help. Just as we are committed to our faith and to our individual organizations, so we will be committed to each other. We are committed to God as servants seeking to ensure that none are left behind.

UCO Statement of Collaboration
The UCO seeks to work in collaboration with secular organizations with the belief that they too are extremely important in the lives of the aforementioned Connecticut residents.

Crossroads, Inc. Partnership

We have partnered with Crossroads, Inc. providing spiritual outreach services to their residential programs. In accordance with our theme of “secular meets spiritual”, we believe that it is vitally necessary to be in collaboration with secular organizations that have worked separately to reach the same goals. It is time for us to come together and combine our resources.

Dr. Miguel Caldera, LADC, ICADC, Executive Director of Crossroads, shares this belief completely andhe demonstrates this through his unwavering support. Crossroads, Inc. is a multi-cultural, bilingual substance abuse treatment program serving nearly 400 men, women and children yearly. It is diverse in its population and staff. Crossroads currently provides technical support for UCO and has demonstrated a willingness to do even more. It is with partners like Crossroads that we will be able to attain our God given mission.

Reverend Robert J. Hemingway
Executive Director, UCO
Board of Directors
Reverend Benito Castellano, President
Reverend Theresa Baskin-Magee, Vice President
Reverend Rosie Clark, Membership Liaison
Reverend Mary Copeland, Membership Liason
Reverend Carol Yiling, Media Liaison
Reverend Darlene Daniley, Treasurer
Reverend Brenda Hemingway, Secretary

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